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Tool #11 Self Assessing

I have to admit I am still overwhelmed with all this. My motto with the kids is "work smarter, not harder" and I would love to get to the point where they are working, and I am just supervising. That is my new vision - to introduce a topic with a video or something new, have the see examples and just "play" with it so they aan learn from each other. My classroom management is good, I think, but I need to make sure it continues with new arrangements etc. There are so many apps and tools, I don't know if I know the difference yet. I just need to find one or two sites that do a lot for me, and stick with them for now. I really like the Comix tool, it seems like a neat way to review for a test if they can do it fast enough. And Wordle for the same purpose - what a cool way to get them all using math vocabulary, which they don't understand is a whole language unto itself.. One unexpected outcome is that I thought after this training I'd be really ready, but I'm not. My wish would be for there to be ready made resources for a math topic (like ready made flipcharts) so I could get down in the bunkers with this, and not spend so much time researching. I'm going to need a lot of support - so whoever is out there and can be my mentor, let me know please!!! But what an accomplishment to be done (with the beginning anyway!).

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